Devlog of August 2021

Published by Caroline Lamarque on

Research for Nardhana, saleswoman in an accessory store

Administrative tasks and production on Revenge Story has slowed down a bit during this period in favor of numerous files and appointments. But all this paperwork is for a good cause because we are preparing the official creation of the studio! So we meet again in this month of September and we propose you a small assessment of this summer period.

~ The graphic production ~

  • For the secondary characters, 10 poses were done.
  • 1 CG was done.

~The writing of the script and the development~

  • Chapter dedicated to Maz and the Amazons started in writing.
  • A new corrected version of the demo is online:
  • the text of the first intro has been slightly modified.
  • fixed the infinite loading bug on the road to the tavern.
  • added the possibility to change the screen resolution in the game options.
  • the title screen burning animation (less than 10min) has been removed in anticipation of long game sessions on events and exhibitions.

~ The promotion of the game ~

  • Presence on Man.Ga.Mes in Chapelle-Lez-Herlaimont (Belgium) on August 14th and 15th.

See you ain October to know the progress of the game!

You can discover or rediscover the demo of Revenge Story HERE.

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