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When you are immersed in the culture of manga, anime and visual novels, you notice the similarity between some characters from different licenses. Their personalities, reactions and goals are more or less the same. When such patterns become familiar and impose themselves as models, we talk about archetypes. We propose you today to make a tour of the main types of characters in mangas, animes and visual novels.

Characters of the visual novel Revenge Story

The deredere is a character full of energy, kind and funny who conveys his good mood permanently with his beautiful smile and his big eyes. However, this apparent joy sometimes hides darker and more painful feelings such as sorrow or anger. As other sympathetic characters, the bakaderes are often comical by their naivety or clumsiness in love relationships, which puts them in embarrassing situations.

The yanderes are calm and nice at first sight but this is only in appearance. This character is driven by his passion. Possessive and jealous, their insane love can go as far as killing their loved one. Not to be confused with yangires whose dark side can come out at any time, without love being a factor.

Kuunderes are serious and may seem cold at first sight. Gradually, they learn to express their feelings and reveal their softness to gradually blossom. Danderes seem to be devoid of any emotion. They only reveal their feelings to the loved one, unlike the kuunderes who open up to all characters. The hajideres are the opposite of the danderes since they are only shy in front of the person they love.

A hinedere character has, on the other hand, a rather cynical view of the world which translates into a certain form of arrogance despite his will to do good. This gives the character a detached side which sometimes makes him more popular than the main character (Sasuke and Levi are good examples).

The tsunderes‘ personalities are at first distant and confrontational with the other characters. However, after gaining their trust, they let their cold shell crack to make way for their caring personality. Tsuntsuns are variations of tsunderes in that they will always remain brusque with those they like. A mayadere character is a former enemy who has fallen in love and continues to behave violently.

The himederes are always female characters. They behave like princesses and have too much self-esteem, which makes them unsympathetic at first sight. Kamideres characters, whether female or male, are a variant because they consider themselves better than everyone else and are extremely haughty, even more so than himederes.

The hetare character knows almost nothing about life in society, or life in general. He struggles to communicate with others and often needs help with the most mundane everyday gestures. He seems disconnected from reality. The nyandere behaves like a cat. He is playful and affectionate and can go as far as imitating feline reactions.

The bifauxnen dresses and acts like a member of the male gender. She often has a mysterious side that makes her popular with other female characters. The erona, on the other hand, is a woman in her thirties or forties with generous curves. She is usually in an intellectual position that pushes her to show her serious side, even if she sometimes puts aside her more carefree personality.

Of course, there are many more character archetypes. New popular characters emerge regularly, which makes listing them complex. We’ve chosen to tell you about the most recurring models so that you can put a word in for the kind of character you encounter. By the way, what is your favorite kind of character? Tell us all about it in the comments!

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