Devlog 01/2023 : Rogue, Rogue, Baby!

Published by Caroline Lamarque on

Cover art of Rogue, Rogue, Baby!

We are in 2023! Happy New Year to all!
Our team of marmots is working on a new game: Rogue, Rogue, Baby! We invite you to discover where we are.

~ The graphic production ~

  • Conceptualization and realization of the first appearances of the main characters completed.
  • Some weapons (melee and ranged) completed.
  • Conceptualization of enemies done.
  • Some enemies have been completed and animated.
  • Animation of the playable character(s) well advanced (still to be refined).
  • Conceptualization and realization of the platforms of the different dungeons well advanced.
  • Conceptualization of the scenery started.
  • Conceptualization of some bosses done (appearance and pattern).
  • Conceptualization and realization of the monster appearance portals well advanced.
  • Main HUB doors and dungeon direction choices almost all completed and animated.
  • Conceptualization of the customization menu completed.
  • Customization and Enhancement store appearances (the appearance, not the menu) completed.

~ The development ~

  • Functional random enemy wave system.
  • Advanced procedural level creation system.
  • Choice of doors/direction to take according to the number of players who chose it functional (multiplayer voting).
  • Basic character movement functional.
  • Unlockable skill “double jump” functional.
  • Unlockable skill “jump from a wall” functional (but to be refined).
  • Close combat attack functional (but to be refined).
  • The first simple “shoot”, “aggro” and “melee” enemy AI are coded.
  • Programming of the different types of unblockable ranged weapons started.
  • Functional enemy loot system.
  • Damage system functional (but to be refined).
  • First room (intro) and HUB of the different dungeons started.
  • Some “classic” rooms (waves of enemies) have been built and tested.

~ The promotion of the game ~

  • The Kickstarter page to support Rogue, Rogue, Baby! is available HERE.

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