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The services we provide

Co-created by an author, our studio exists first and foremost to explore new worlds.

We offer our expertise in screenwriting. Let’s discuss together the main lines of your story, the tone you’re looking for and we’ll take care of the rest. Our knowledgeable marmots can also take care of the research of references necessary to the genesis of your story.

Let’s imagine together!

Our studio’s goal is to bring stories to life.

The narrative design is an essential pole in the construction of a videogame plot. It is the one that will create coherence between the gameplay elements and the scenario. We think for and with you about the interactive narrative systems that best suit your project.

Let’s create together!

Created by a passionate couple, our studio has a history.

We know that every creation, every project is born in a particular context. Whatever the idea or the trigger of your activity, we can help you tell its past to your present community so that the future you dream of becomes reality.

Let’s tell the story together!

Our studio is above all a video game studio.

The game design is the basis of the creation of a video game. We build with you the mechanics of your production so that they correspond to your vision and that they are fun for your players. Our knowledgeable marmots can also participate in the writing of your Game Design Document.

Let’s think together!

Our studio has more and more lines of code.

The development part is what differentiates video games from other media and cultural objects. Our Unity developers are at your service to temporarily reinforce your team and allow you to realize your ideas.

Let’s code together!

Created by artists, our studio is constantly producing new concepts and visuals.

The art direction of a game is as important as its mechanics. The assets must serve the gameplay and the scenario. Our team of 2D artists can assist you in graphic production.

Let’s draw together!

Accompanied and advised by experts, our studio knows the challenges of professionals and institutions.

The serious game allows you to transmit information through the prism of the game. We help you create fun and educational materials that are accessible to all your employees.

Let’s inform together!

Launched in 2021, our studio has several game mechanics to its credit.

The game is a marketing support that pleases by its playful approach. We create for and with you games with the colors and values of your company in order to reach a wider audience.

Let’s promote together!

Located in the heart of a hive of activity, our studio is surrounded by many other video game creators.

We know the challenges of collaboration and the diversity of tasks required to create a game. Coproduction allows you to reduce production time and to entrust certain needs to a complementary team.

Let’s produce together!