A visual novel with a very open narrative: Revenge Story offers you to play as an avatar in search of justice, as well as the worst of the scum. Customize your character’s gender, romance the character you like or get rid of the others! Build your own story by choosing the order in which the story chapters are resolved, whether you give in to your cruelty or allow yourself to be softened by the characters you meet.

Varied gameplay: each recruitable protagonist has his own mini-game, each with his own unique way of playing!

Multiple endings: discover a different ending for each protagonist, as well as three variations of the solitary ending!

Constantly evolving game: new protagonists will be added to the game over time, bringing with them new adventures, new mini-games, new artwork to unlock, and new endings!

In a fantasy world where technology is powered by magic, two powerful leagues of superheroes vie for kingdom sovereignty. Unfortunately, the small nations that separate these two giants are the collateral damage of this power war. It is in the wake of one of these tragedies that your character rises from the ashes. Having lost everything, all you have left is revenge… Absolution or total destruction, everything depends on your will!

A revenge story full of love… Or hate! It’s up to you!

Choose to play as a man or a woman and accomplish your revenge through a modular scenario with multiple endings! Recruit allies, bond with them or destroy everything in your path… The choice is yours!

The base game consists of 7 main chapters and allows you to get closer to 4 different fictional characters! Make the right choices and get close to your favorite characters to unlock two more chapters for each of them! Choose and explore different regions in this war-torn world! Unlock all the endings and get the most out of the game!

CUSTOMISABLE CHARACTER : choose the gender of your avatar and customize its name.

4 LOVE INTERESTS : get closer to 4 different characters. Make the right choices and get close to your favorite characters to unlock two more chapters for each of them… or kill them all !

MULTIPLE ENDINGS : discover a different ending for each love interest, as well as  3 variations of the solitary ending according to your karma management.

MINI-GAME MODE : a mode where the gameplay of each love interest is available outside the story. 

3 INITIAL LANGUAGES : the game is available in French, English and Spanish.

ORIGINAL OST : 24 original tunes.

CHIBI TIMES : the plot is interspersed with short humorous animated scenes with the characters in chibi.
30+ CGs 

The plot evolves according to your choices. Choose carefully to manage your karma, your relationships with other characters, the areas to explore and the survival of your allies… and your own! One wrong decision and you’re sure to die.

Your choices are rewarded by reports at the end of each side mission, by CGs, but also by other means like enterprising camera games.

Each recruitable character has his own mini-game, each with his own unique way of playing! When starting your advance, you choose the difficulty level of the mini-games or their absence from the main plot if you want to concentrate on the story. The mini-games are unlocked in the mini-game mode as you progress through the story so you can play them whenever you want.

Caroline LAMARQUE :

Producer, Director of communication, Character artist

Jonathan SAUVIGNET :

Game designer, Narrative designer, Art director

Fabrice BACQUART :

Developer, Game designer

Guillaume D’ARCY-ORGA :

Composer, Sound designer

Emmanuel DELORD :



UI designer

Manon DERAM :

Character artist

Keethana RAJENDRAN :

Character artist


Character artist

Adrien IUDICA :

Environment artist

Alexandre CLERMONT :

Environment artist