The crowdfunding campaign for Rogue, Rogue, Baby! is launched

Press release of 17/01/2023

A game created by young parents

Deus Marmota is based at the Plaine Images in Tourcoing (France) since its creation on October 12, 2021. In January 2022, the founding couple of the studio, Caroline Lamarque and Jonathan Sauvignet, are expecting their first child. The birth is scheduled for October 12, 2022, just one year after the studio’s creation. It is finally on September 14 that the little Nathaniel is born in Tourcoing.

It was this pregnancy and birth that inspired the co-founders, now young parents, to create the video game Rogue, Rogue, Baby! Becoming a mom or a dad means discovering a lot of things and learning on a daily basis. Caroline and Jonathan wanted to translate information on the prevention of domestic risks for babies into the language of video games.

Rogue, Rogue, Baby! is a love letter to Nathaniel from which a character design is inspired. The baby sound effects in the game are also recordings of his voice.

A fun, frenetic and feel good game

In Rogue, Rogue, Baby! the player takes on the role of a baby who has to go through his entire house in order to get to his parents’ room. The house is divided into 5 dungeons: kitchen, bathroom, living room, garage and garden. He meets many enemies to defeat who are monsters inspired by domestic hazards.

The game is a roguelite: like young parents who learn every day and become more and more comfortable in their role, the game leads the player to evolve. He is bound to fail several times before he succeeds in completing the game, but emerges stronger after each attempt.

With each new monster encountered and defeated, a page of the securedex fills up. It contains a lot of information such as the name of the threat, how to counter it, how dangerous it is or at what age it is a point of vigilance to have for your child. This securedex is both a summary encyclopedia, but also an album to complete, giving the player the desire to play again until he has his complete collection of monsters.

The entire design of Rogue, Rogue, Baby! shows a universe seen through the eyes of a child: everything is big, everything is exaggerated, even fantasized. The monsters are cute to reflect the innocence of babies who are not aware of the dangers of everyday life.

It is possible to play solo or in local multiplayer up to 4 players. Two game modes exist: the “hardcore” mode for those who are looking for a challenge and the “family” mode for relaxed play with friends or family.

Each dungeon leads to a randomly selected boss. Once the 5 dungeons are completed, the final boss to face to finish the game is none other than the Bogeyman.

Indie game looking for contributors

The crowdfunding campaign runs on Kickstarter from January 15 to February 15, or 31 days. The tiers offering early bird pricing are until January 22.

The funding goals are:

  • 5 000€ : project funded
  • 6 000€ : added customization elements
  • 7 000€ : added a versus mode system
  • 8 000€ : added more puzzles for each zone
  • 9 000€ : added a new type of weapon : the laser
  • 10 000€ : added a new zone with its enemies, its puzzles and its bosses : the street
  • 20 000€ : add an extra boss for each zone
  • 30 000€ : add a new zone with its enemies, its puzzles and its bosses : the shopping mall
  • 50 000€ : add an online multiplayer mode

Depending on the amount committed, the number and diversity of counterparts increases.

At 5€, the name of the contributor is added to the game credits.

The largest proposed contribution is 5 000€. This is a one-time only level of funding for the project. Only one person can make this level of contribution. This person wins:

  • 10 names in the game credits
  • 10 digital copies of the game on Steam
  • 10 sets of wallpapers
  • 10 digital artbooks
  • 10 access to the game’s beta
  • 10 access to the game’s alpha
  • 10 original character design creations with the team
  • 1 physical artbook
  • the final boss design is created in collaboration with the contributor and the team to look like the contributor


Contact : Caroline Lamarque, press@deusmarmota.com

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