2022 video game report

Published by Caroline Lamarque on

As we enter 2023, let’s take a look at the past year in the video game industry.

Let’s talk about numbers!

The video game industry generated $184.4 billion in 2022 on game sales alone, not counting hardware. That’s a lot! Yes, it’s a lot but less than in 2021. There was a 4.3% drop, which can be explained by a year less disrupted by the health crisis than the previous one.

The PC medium is the only one to have seen an increase: 1.8% more game sales than in 2021. Mobile alone accounts for 50% of the 2022 total. In terms of format, dematerialized games dominate with 90% of sales.

Let’s talk about the Game Awards!

Elden Ring is the GOTY (Game of the year) 2022. It also won awards for game direction, art direction and best role playing.

God of War Ragnarök stood out: best narrative, best score and music with composer Bear McCreary, best audio design, best performance with Christopher Judge, innovation in accessibility award and best action/adventure game.

Also of note are As Dusk Falls as best game for impact, Final Fantasy XIV as best ongoing and best community support, Stray as best indie and best debut indie, Marvel Snap as best mobile game, Moss: Book II as best VR / AR, Bayonetta 3 as best action game, Multiversus as best fighting, Kirby and the Forgotten Land as best family, Mario + The Rabbids Sparks of Hope as best sim / strategy, Gran Turismo 7 as best sports / racing, Splatoon 3 as best multiplayer, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom as most anticipated game, and Valorant as best Esports game.

In Esports, Jacob “Yay” Whiteaker (Cloud9 member, team on Valorant) won best Esports athlete, Loud (team on Valorant) best Esport team, Matheus “BZKA” Tarasconi (Loud team on Valorant) best Esport coach and 2022 League of legends World Championship best Esports event.

Ludwig was named content creator of the year.

The best adaptation goes to Arcane: League of Legends.

What about 2023?

2023 opens up great prospects, especially in independent creation. The success stories of indie studios are becoming more and more prominent and reflect the ever-growing desire to discover original games.

For us, 2023 is the year in which we plan to introduce you to Rogue, Rogue, Baby! This game is very close to our hearts, since it was inspired by our little one. We hope you’ll like it!