All about kickstarter

All for one and one for all! This could be the motto of Kickstarter, a website that allows you to talk about your project to people from all over the world so that they can help you make it happen. As a precursor in its field, we propose to explain to you the workings of Kickstarter after having discovered them ourselves a few weeks ago.

The history of video game conventions

Video game conventions have achieved record attendance after the confinements caused by the health crisis and their cancellation for nearly 2 years. This ever-growing craze for these events is a reflection of the growing place of video games in our daily lives over the years. Today’s article proposes to go back to the origins of these events: the very first conventions.

The history of manga

Today, manga culture is a constantly growing market. Cosplays, figurines, video games, anime and conventions on the theme meet a great success with the public. To get there, we had to start somewhere and that’s exactly what we propose you to discover today: the history of manga.

The different characters in manga

When you are immersed in the culture of manga, anime and visual novels, you notice the similarity between some characters from different licenses. Their personalities, reactions and goals are more or less the same. When such patterns become familiar and impose themselves as models, we talk about archetypes. We propose you today to make a tour of the main types of characters in mangas, animes and visual novels.