Blue light

We hear a lot of warnings about the blue light diffused by our screens, but what do we really know about it? Let’s recall together what this famous blue light is, the consequences it can have on our health and the solutions that exist.

The video game as 10th art

Today, the video game is considered as an art in its own right. It belongs to the classification of the 10th art along with computer graphics and web design. However, few people know when and how this official consecration took place and, that’s good, because that’s precisely what we’re going to see together.

The first easter egg-video game

Video games are a rich medium. It is therefore not unusual to find hidden winks in some video game productions. Whether they are secret messages, bonus mini-games or explicit references, easter eggs take all sorts of forms. However, who could have hidden the first one in a game? So let’s go on a hunt for the original egg!

Narrative and video games

While some focus on a different type of experience, most video games rely on a narrative to immerse us in their worlds. However, there are many ways for a studio to build its narrative. Today, we’re going to focus on the different forms that narration can take in video games.

Archetypes: the basis

Far from being useless or pejorative, the archetype is an interesting tool in the construction of a fictional work. If the parallel with the stereotype or the cliché seems to be an easy shortcut, we will see together that the archetype has nothing to do with these terms. ~ Meaning of words ~ The stereotype is a ready-made expression or opinion without any originality. It is also the symbolic and schematic characterization of a group Read more…